AMFC Early Entries! – Cow Patties Cloth Diapers

by Mama Chocolate on November 23, 2010

Next in our line-up of sponsors for A Merry Fluffy Christmas is Cow Patties!

(If you haven’t heard about the AMFC event yet, click HERE!!)

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers offers a variety of in-stock, as well as custom-made products.

Cow Patties offers 4 different types of diapers:

#1-Pocket Diapers-Diaper has an opening to put insert inside diaper. These have an inner fabric, a PUL layer and, if you so choose, a cute outer fabric. Bamboo fleece insert folds for 6 layers of absorbency. Requires Velcro/snaps to close.

#2-AI2 (all-in-two)-These have an inner fabric, a PUL layer and, if you so choose, a cute outer fabric. Bamboo fleece insert snaps in for 6 layers of absorbency. Requires snaps or Velcro to close.

#3-Fitteds-Absorbent fabric (flannel or bamboo fleece) with a cute outer fabric (cotton knit, cotton woven, flannel). Bamboo fleece insert snaps in for 6 layers of absorbency. Requires a cover, pins/snappi, Velcro or snaps to close.

#4-Famous Pocket Fitteds (FPF)-Made out of 2 body layers of bamboo fleece with a cute outer fabric (flannel, cotton knit, cotton woven). Insert folds up for 10-12 layers of absorbency. Requires a cover, pins/snappi, snaps or Velcro to close. These are a great option for night time and/or heavy wetters.


Covers- Made of PUL and can have an outer fabric (too many to list). These are put over diaper such as prefolds, fitteds, and pocket fitteds for a waterproof barrier. Require snaps/Velcro to close.
Cloth Wipes
Baby Legs


Each diaper and cover can be one sized or sized. Here are the sizing guidelines.

#1-Small- up to 14lbs
#2-Medium- 14-25lbs
#3-Large-25-33lbs (Have had recent feedback of Large sizes fitting bigger/heavier children well)
#4-One Size 10-30lbs


Each diaper and cover can have your choice of different closures. The options available are: 

#1-front snapping
#2-side snapping
#4-no closure (good if you prefer using Snappi or pins)


-Inners (pocket liner for example): Bamboo fleece, hemp fleece, microfleece, minky, flannel 

-Outers: Any of the in-stock fabrics listed as “In-stock”, email Megs about specialty fabrics/fabrics not in stock. If you want a special fabric chances are we can get it or something similar. If you would like to send your own fabric Megs needs 1/2 a yard to make a diaper and can send back whatever is not used.

-Inserts (absorbent part): All inserts are bamboo fleece unless hemp is requested

Please note: You can find the currently “in-stock” fabrics in the Photo Album called “In-Stock” in the Photos tab on the Facebook page. If you are interested in using your own fabric or in a fabric not listed as in stock you can email Megs:

  • Sized Diapers- $12.00
  • One Size Diapers: $14.00
  • Famous Pocket Fitteds: $18.00 no matter what size. 
  • Any diaper with minky inner and outer: $16.00
  • Covers-$12.00 for sized covers, $14.00 for one size covers
  • Baby Legs-$4.00 per pair. If you’re current or retired military they are $3.00 per pair.
  • Wipes- $5.00 for package of 6 no matter what material they are

To order in-stock diapers:

Visit the “Shop Now” tab on the Cow Patties Facebook page.

Once you’re on the “Shop Now” tab you can “Browse Category” by using the drop down box or search the store using the search box. 

To order Custom Diapers:

EMAIL Megs with the following information:


Type of Diaper wanted

Closure type (Front snap, Side snap, Velcro)


Fabric Choice(s)

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers will be giving away 3 Famous Pocket Fitted diapers during our Merry Fluffy Christmas Event! Winners will get to choose size, outer fabric and closure type.
**These three diapers will be in three separate giveaway prize packs, so your extra entries on this post will be added to ALL THREE of those days!!**
With no closures
With Snaps

 I’ve decided to use the form style of entering for these early entries to better help me keep track of them all!

It’s much easier and quicker for you to get lots of entries this way, also!
Feel free to comment here to remind yourself you entered, but please be aware that comments will not be counted as entries! You must use the form!
Good luck!
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