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by Mama Chocolate on November 24, 2010

Next in our line-up of great sponsors is…EWies Diapers!
(If you haven’t heard about this AMFC event yet, click HERE!!)
From Cathy:

EWies Diapers all started back in 2007 when my second son Ewan (U-an) was born. I wanted a healthier, cuter, economical and environmentally-friendly option for his little bum. I spent that first year of his life designing many different styles of diapers, ripping apart my favorite diapers, combining aspects of each. After much (and I mean MUCH) trial and error, EWies Diapers were born! On my sons’s first birthday I was able to give him a gift of a dozen of our very first generation of EWies diapers. My mom, Cindy, and I started our cottage industry and we have never looked back!

Now, in 2010, I have had 2 more children after our little Ewan and our diapers have been further perfected and altered into what we feel are the perfect diapers. As a mom to four preschoolers myself, and having had three children in diapers at a time, I know the need for the perfect cloth diaper.

Our cottage industry has since grown into our new store, Tiny Tree Huggers, (,) which is an extentions of our love for the envirnmentally friendly and natural children and baby products. While EWies diapers are no longer made at my kitchen table, they are now made by an amazing team of work-at-home moms (headed up by my own mom!) They are made with incredible attention to detail that can only be done by people who truly care about their work, which means you are left with only the best of the best!

Our job is to make cloth diapering an easy and amazing experience for you and your baby. We hope that using our unique and fun cloth diapers will provide your baby with a well-deserved healthy and trendy start to life.
EWies Diapers will be giving away a Medium EWies Pocket Diaper, a 3-pack of Flatz, and a set of 1 dozen Cloth Wipes during our Merry Fluffy Christmas Event!
Pocket Diaper
Cloth Wipes
3-Pack Flatz

I’ve decided to use the form style of entering for these early entries to better help me keep track of them all!

It’s much easier and quicker for you to get lots of entries this way, also!

Feel free to comment here to remind yourself you entered, but please be aware that comments will not be counted as entries! You must use the form!

Good luck!

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