As You Stitch Baby Cloth Wipes Review – Go Green Sponsor Spotlight

by Janelle P on September 27, 2011

One of the sponsors for our Go-Green event is As You Stitch Baby, specializing in eco-friendly cloth wipes, toys, clothes, blankets, and more!

I received a dozen reusable cloth wipes from As You Stitch Baby. The first thing I noticed were the cute prints ( I love the giraffe one)! When I took them out of their ribbon packaging I noticed how super soft they were, and that they were actually 1 layer of fabric serged around the edges.

The wipes I currently use are 2 layers of flannel sewn together, cut to fit inside a wipes container (I use the same method as Johanna).

These new wipes fit in one perfectly as well, once you fold them in half which really doesn’t take much time at all. If you use the spray bottle with a dry wipe method this wouldn’t matter anyway.

I thought with one layer of fabric I might not get the same “wiping power” as my 2 layer wipes… I was wrong. These wipes actually work much better than my current ones since there’s more “surface area” for wiping, and they easily get into all those special areas to get baby super clean. For all you boy Mamas out there they also work well for protecting yourself against a sudden geyser – the ones I have been using are too stiff with the 2 layers of fabric to stay put and too small to really protect you from much. In the future I think I will stick to the one layer larger-sized wipes as they seem to work much better for me.


Not only are these great for diaper changes, they can also be used in the kitchen to clean faces and as mini napkins (using a separate stash from your diaper wipes, of course). I have been using burp cloths to clean my son’s face after meals, but a small wipe makes so much more sense- and it would take up less room in my diaper bag for out-and-about meals! (which as a CD mama I am ALL for!)

There’s no doubt that using cloth wipes can reduce the amount of paper products and chemicals used to diaper your baby. They are also great for your wallet starting at $11/dozen (the cost per dozen decreases if you buy more at a time). I haven’t added up how much using cloth wipes has saved me in just 11 months, but it’s a LOT! All in all, I love these wipes and think they would make a perfect addition to any wipe stash or baby clean up stash!

From As You Stitch Baby’s website:
“We are a Mother and 2 Daughter team that designs and hand makes all of our products…No big conglomerates here, just three people doing their bit to keep small business in business.”
“These 8 inch square cloth wipes are made of one layer of super soft 100% cotton flannel. Whether you use these to clean baby’s hands, face, or bum, you’ll love knowing that they are gentle on your little one’s skin.

As an added bonus, using reusable wipes means lowering your carbon footprint!”

As You Stitch Baby also provides baby toys, blankets, burp cloths, baby ponchos, and more and is a sponsor of the Go Green Giveaway Event coming up October 5-11!

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Come back then for a chance to win your own set of one dozen cloth wipes! 

Review by Janelle P

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