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by Mama Chocolate on May 11, 2012

Immediately after everyone arrived on the scene for Brandcation on Friday afternoon, we dived right into our “Blogger Olympics”, generously sponsored by Jambu Footwear!

I had heard we’d be doing “Olympics” but wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or how involved I’d get to be with my big ol’ baby belly complicating things. ;-)

After signing in, getting my name tag and wings…wait, wings?!

Who’s idea was this again? My team was The Ladybugs and someone had the brilliant idea to give us wings, (*cough* KIM *cough*.) On the plus side, Victoria is thrilled to now have her own pair of “fairy wings” just like big sis.

After poking out a few eyes, we managed to gather together and get started on our first task – a scavenger hunt.

We were given a list of things to get photos of, and the team with the most items on the list that came back the soonest would be the winners. We split up and some of us went off to get photos of as many pools on the resort property as possible. Did you know the Portofino Island Resort has EIGHT different pools? They’re not all lined up right next to each other, either, ya’ll.

After running around in the heat and humidity for a bit, we decided that was for the birds, not smart ladybugs like us. Kadi (of Our Seven Seeds) flagged down one of the staff on his golf cart…we may or may not have shamelessly used my pregnant state as a plea to find his humanity and give us a ride to each pool to get our photos. (It didn’t actually take much pleading…he was more than happy to help us on our quest!)

What’s more, we knew for sure we hadn’t missed a single one, cause this fellow knew the place like the back of his hand.

With all eight pools, we managed to come in first place on the scavenger hunt, after which we all headed down to the beach, where we had 15 minutes to build a sandcastle resembling the White House!

15 minutes is not a very long time to make a White House sandcastle, just FYI. We managed beautifully however, and even had a limo out front with our hermit crab “President” about to climb in. See that water there in the background? That is the Gulf Coast! Amazingly clear, calm, warm water. One of the locals was saying it was a bit cold…but she obviously hasn’t been to the Pacific NW ocean lately, LOL!

We finished up with a couple relay races, (one in the ocean) and a hula-hoop face-off. Denise (mother of quadruplets!) rocked the hula-hooping #likeaboss and kept it up even after the most strong-hearted (or hipped?!) had dropped their hoops!

(In case you’re wondering, I had the good sense to not even attempt this feat in my state. Watching me attempt to hula under any circumstance would not be a pleasant site at any time, let alone at 6 months preggo!)


Our fearless leaders!

Blondie, Lynsey, Kim and Trisha organized the whole event and here they represent each of our teams!

Trisha’s team, “The SEO’s” ended up taking away the overall championship for the Olympics and it was well deserved!

I am so grateful for Jambu Footwear‘s sponsorship that made all of our fun that afternoon possible!

Before Brandcation, I hadn’t even heard of Jambu, and now I’m pretty sure I need a separate shoe budget for the next year. They have so many styles that I actually LOVE. (I’m honestly not usually a rabid shoe-shopper.)

I especially love how they managed a sporty feminine shoe! Their amazingly lightweight All Terra line averages between 5 – 9.7 oz per shoe, perfect for summer outdoor wear!

Also special thanks to Jambu for generously providing each blogger with a sporty bag for our swag!

Photography credit: Brandy Goleman Photography

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Catalina Thrus May 14, 2012 at 3:28 am

I’m glad you’ve heard of Jambu Footwear. They’re really comfy shoes and because I fell in-love with their line, I ordered like 4 shoes in one go, online.
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