Boba Baby Wrap Review & Giveaway

by Mama Chocolate on February 4, 2012

Babywearing has been one of my favorite parts of the first couple years of my girls’ lives.

(Let’s just clear this up right off: in case you were getting jealous of how skinny and beautiful I am while pregnant with my third child, that is not me in the photos. My lovely “little” sister Suzy agreed to be my model since I wasn’t supposed to be lifting/carrying anything over 10lbs that week.)

I have tried a lot of different styles and brands of carriers, from structured to slings to wraps…I’ve got my opinions on them all. ;-)

Wraps are my favorite for the first 6-8 months. They’re the most supportive and versatile for tiny babies that need the head support. They keep newborns warm and cozy and right next to mama, simulating how they would’ve felt in the womb.

The swaddle effect of a wrap carrier helps to sooth babies that easily startle themselves awake with flailing limbs.

 Advantages of the Boba Wrap:

  1. gives great support for little heads and necks – especially when your baby falls asleep
  2. your baby fits just perfectly every time! – no guessing how much room you will need to leave for your baby to fit inside without being too tight or too loose
  3. custom fit – simply tie the wrap carrier snug against your body and no matter what body type you are, it will fit!
  4. good quality fabric – heavier cotton knit with a touch of spandex-the ideal material for babywearing
  5. discreet nursing is no problem – no need to take the baby out of the wrap baby carrier or use any special attachments for privacy
  6. your baby’s hips and legs are supported and not just hanging down
  7. no pressure points on your baby – no pressure on developing hips or spines like other hard baby carriers which place pressure on your baby’s pelvis
  8. holds your baby high – the fabric bounces back unlike the t-shirt like material of other stretchy baby wraps to keep your baby snug against your chest
  9. durable – sturdy fabric that doesn’t stretch out or change shape with repeated washing or baby wearing
  10. feels soft on your baby’s skin
  11. adjustable – just enough give so that there is no need for re-adjusting
  12. much more snug than carrying a car seat or other bulky carrier
  13. secure – no wrinkles, bulges of loose material, or sagging when babywearing
  14. grows with you and your baby – it’s optimal for infants yet you may continue to carry your baby with this wrap baby carrier as long as you are both comfortable
  15. no baby is too small – the baby wrap is designed for the tiniest of babies.
  16. ideal for kangaroo care – premature infants thrive when wrapped in a Boba Wrap
  17. one size fits all – adults of all sizes can comfortably wear and share the wrap
  18. bilateral – wide straps over both shoulders so that there is no lopsided feeling like with babywearing in a sling
  19. no time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap – there are no pressure points on mom or baby so you may carry your baby as long as you and your baby are comfortable
  20. no digging straps or poking buckles or buttons – simple design
  21. evenly distributes the weight of your baby – much more supported than carrying with your arms, on one shoulder, or your hip
  22. instructions are included – no extras to buy
  23. perfect for traveling – compact and great on uneven terrain or crowded places
  24. cleans up nice – wash, tumble dry and go!
  25. comfortable – moves with you instead of restricting you
  26. affordable – a great value seeing that your baby will probably begin to walk on his own before he outgrows the wrap
  27. natural sleep solution – no plastic, no music, no bouncy seat-just you- calming and soothing your baby with your warmth, your voice, your scent, your movement and your heartbeat. There is no more natural way to put your baby to sleep.
Comparing this to the other brand of wrap carrier that I am used to, I found the Boba wrap very stretchy. The first time I put it on, I tied it the same way I would have tied my less-stretchy wrap. Within minutes, the wrap had stretched down so much, that Victoria was bouncing closer to my knees than my chest!
I was a bit irritated at first, but realized I just needed to tie it on very snug to begin with.


 When I tried it on Suzy, I tied it on her just about a snug as I could get it. It performed much better, but (as you can see below,) it did still stretch down quite a bit within a short time of putting Victoria in.

The Boba Wrap claims to be suitable for babies and toddlers up to 35 pounds. Victoria is only 20 pounds, and I honestly think she is a too big for it. I am certain that this will work better for newborns and smaller infants where the extra stretch will probably come in more handy for comfort and ease of nursing, (I could never get the hang of nursing in my other, less-stretchy wrap. It always felt cramped.)

We will be trying it out on my new niece or nephew, (who should be showing up any time now! *ahem*) and I look forward to seeing how it performs as a newborn carrier.

You can purchase the Boba Baby Wrap for $48, (organic model is $65,) and it comes in 16 different color options!

Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, a Boba Baby Wrap or a Boba Travel Pack! All products can be seen at

With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, “Like” them on Facebook and for an additional two entries, follow them on Twitter.

Giveaway ends February 15th, 2012.

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Katelyn F February 6, 2012 at 9:02 pm

New niece/nephew coming right up in ___ days.


Dana M February 7, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Babywearing isn’t something I was really introduced to until I had my 3rd and she was colicky. She lived in my arms the first few weeks. That’s when I gave up on getting anything done and bought a wrap. BEST. CHOICE. EVER.
After my nephew was born, my sister in law (that doesn’t prefer to wear her babies) couldn’t get things done. We were cleaning the church one night, so I brought my wrap, strapped him to me and we all got work done. He slept in the wrap for 2 hours.


stephanie miller February 7, 2012 at 7:43 pm

do u know if this fits to side wearing for newborns, or nursing?


deb kovac February 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm

This sounds like it would be so comfortable. Thanks for the chance to win this Boba baby Wrap.


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