Customizing Your Gear

by Mama Chocolate on October 8, 2012

Guest post by Becky W.

Customized gear is common in every sport. It’s practical, as a more elaborate way of writing your name on your stuff. It can also demonstrate team unity, if the customization includes team colors or logos. Personalized sports gear can also focus on the individual, by including nicknames, references to habits or favorite things. Whatever the reason for the customization, it always looks cool, and that in itself is a big part of an athlete’s confident style.


Sports equipment makers can add customized elements to just about any piece of gear. Doing it at home is a real possibility these days also, with all the fiberglass-friendly paints available. Even painted goalie mask designs, those full-color works of art a part of the game practically since its beginnings, can be made at home with an airbrush, a bit of planning and some drawing skill.


Stickers or decals also offer an easy customizing option. Hockey decals are easy to find. They stick securely on even the oldest, most banged-up masks if the surface is first prepared with some filler. Decals for baseball bats and football helmets can also add a lot of individual character.


Engraving as a custom feature is one that works well not only for gifts, but it is also useful as a hard-to-eradicate identifier. An engraved aluminum bat will be less tempting to a thief than a more anonymous one. The engraving can be as simple as a monogram or as particular as a favorite slogan. Anything that marks your gear as yours alone makes it more valuable to you and less valuable to strangers.


Tape, a necessary part of maintaining and using some equipment, also has great personalizing potential. Your hockey stick needs tape on the blade and the handle. If this tape is black, your stick gets lost in the crowd. If it’s covered with camouflage and tiny versions of the Swedish flag, everybody is going to know it’s yours. Tapes in all colors make a necessary chore both more fun and more personal.


Soft gear, like ball gloves, can also benefit from some personal attention. Dyeing a glove is possible, either in part or in whole. Embroidery is a more common choice. Adding a nickname or a date reflects how important this object is to its owner. People who love sports love their equipment; customization gives them another way to demonstrate their attachment.


Look around at your next sporting event to see what kind of personal touches players bring to their gear. Ask a smart retailer like someone at monkeysports about the latest trends in customized equipment. They will have seen it all and can tell you how to get the look you want.


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