GoGreen Pocket Diapers Champ 2.0 Review – ABE Spotlight

by Mama Chocolate on August 11, 2011

 GoGreen Pocket Diapers is one of my favorite companies to work with. I have already reviewed their silky pocket diaper, the first version of the Champ, and now their even better Champ 2.0! The customer service is amazing every time: questions answered promptly and speedy shipping, and each diaper I review is better than the last!

They are continually improving their diaper design, and still selling them at very reasonable prices, (from $9.99 to $15.95 each, depending on the style.)

The dual gussets technology really does a lot for containing the nasty messes…my sweet Victoria very obligingly tested this capability immediately  in the Bubblegum Champ 2.0 that we were sent to review.

We didn’t have even the slightest leak, and absolutely no staining after going through the wash!

This second version of the Champ has a few improvements, including a flap over the opening in the back to help prevent leakage/wicking problems.

Back Opening

The other main improvement I see is the hip snaps.  There is now an extra snap to prevent “wing-droop” and the over-lap snaps for newborn fitting are now on the right flap. This makes much more sense as the majority of diaper-changers are right-handed and will naturally be snapping that side first.

Newborn Overlap Snaps

I found this mildly annoying in the first version when I was using it on Victoria as a newborn. I would often snap down the (my) right flap first and then realize that I actually had to do it the other way around to do the overlap.

The color-coded waist snaps make the Champ an easy diaper for dads, grandparents, babysitters, or anyone who isn’t as familiar with cloth diapering. It makes it simple to just be able to tell them to snap it at the “blue setting,” for example, and you can both know that it’s going to fit properly and not slide off or leak. My sisters are often insecure about whether they got a cloth diaper on right, and the color-coding eliminates that!

Front and back openings make washing the Champ a breeze. No touching icky inserts to pull them out before you toss them in the diaper pail. There’s a snap that holds the insert in place while your baby is wearing the diaper, but you don’t even need to unsnap it before you wash. This is extremely handy for keeping track of the inserts, too! 

Go Green Diapers’ Story: 
Shortly after we had our third child we found ourselves buying diapers for 3. Not only did the costs really add up, but we were getting charged extra by the city of Boulder, CO for the ludicrous amount of trash we produced. We had never considered CLOTH diapers before, but, timidly, We purchased brand-name pocket diapers at nearly $20 a pop. To our surprise, they worked spectacularly, and were nothing like the leaky, prefold things with which we were familiar. No leaks, better absorbency, they were perfect!- except for the price. It became our mission to provide quality cloth pocket diapers at an affordable cost. They’re better for babies, better for bank accounts, and better for the environment. And, dare we say it, they make diaper changing fun! Please visit our products page to see our ginormus selection of pocket diapers.

Vist Go Green Pocket Diapers and choose your favorite(s) out of dozens of colors and prints! The Champ diaper is $15.95, and their regular diapers start at $9.99! Their customer service is excellent and shipping is flat-rate $6 to US, and $11 to Canada. This makes a big difference in comparing to some other brands…shipping costs can eat up your money if you don’t watch out.
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GoGreen Pocket Diapers will be giving away a Champ 2.0 pocket diaper, ($15.95 value!) to one lucky Mama Chocolate reader during A Blogtastic Extravaganza, (Aug 17-21) so come back soon for your chance to win!

*I received a Bubblegum Champ diaper from GoGreen Pocket Diapers for the purpose of this review. I received no other compensation, and the opinions expressed in this review have not been influenced in any way.

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Tricia Dunn August 1, 2012 at 5:35 pm

I’m getting ready to have my baby and I’ve ordered a few cloth diapers to check quality. I ordered 2 Go Green Champ 2.0 diapers at $15+ per diaper. I received the older version which retails for around $9. I’ve emailed to try and get Go Green to fix their mistake and have yet to hear back. The company has no phone number listed that I can find on their website. I feel like I’ve been screwed over by this company and I’m very upset. They obviously have terrible customer service. I was planning on buying like 25 of these diapers. Now there’s no way I would ever trust them with my money. And by the way the original Champ diaper is very flimsy with very thin cheap polyester material. I’m going to buy Thirstiest cloth diapers. They have much better customer service and the Thirstiest Duo Diaper comes with 2 soakers. The quality is far superior to go green. It is a few dollars more, but with go green you still must buy additional soakers, so the price comes out the same.


Mama Chocolate August 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm

I have forwarded your concern and your info on to the contact I have a Go Green! I sincerely hope they work something out with you, I have had nothing but the best customer service from them!


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