Having Fun with the Children; the High-Tech Way

by Mama Chocolate on May 31, 2012

When I was a kid, I can vaguely remember my mom playing activities with me using flash cards and posters with illustration of fruits. Looking at kids these days doing the same activity and smiling, I think I had fun back then. Although not for sure. What I am sure of, however, is that doing it with a smart phone or a tablet is more interesting. It is astonishing how my three year old can swipe my HTC smart phone and run Piano Lite. She is no piano player, but she enjoys it. I just hope my HTC would not break from her barrage of exaggerated taps.

For those who wish to enjoy their smart phones with their children (at their own smart phones’ risk of
course) here are some interesting applications that you can download.

Piano Lite
I have tried this app, as was mentioned earlier, and are ideal for infants. The keys are colorful providing some visual stimulation. But the fun comes from the sound which are more understandable for infants since it does not require complicated motions or complicated mechanics and meanings that a three year old may not comprehend.

Another good application for infants. Most parents would teach their children to determine or refer to things by the way they sound. Aniworld provide a variety of illustrations of different animals. The good thing is that they are interactive, you can feed them, watch them grow, and listen to them making sounds acquainting the little one to a wide variety of animals. It can be surprising how your child can receive and remember these stimuli.

Angry Birds
This is a highly entertaining app that can suit both you and your toddler. This application is a very good way to teach the concept of physics, particularly projectile movement, to young children without them knowing it is physics. For adults, it requires creative thinking and a good way to challenge yourselves on how to get the highest score possible. Download this game only if you are prepared to fight with your kid over a smart phone.

iStory Books
As a kid, I can clearly remember that I loved stories, especially during bedtime. Those days, I only had my imagination and the occasional illustrations to imagine how the story went and how the characters looked like. With iStory Books, your child can enjoy the luxury of interactive stories complete with illustrations and sound. The app have 11 free stories and can be updated with new ones every two weeks.

The smart phone is an amazing tool and it will be inevitably a part of our children’s life. Introducing these games and activities early to them will also help them get accustomed to it and not view them as foreign and complex devices, which I sometimes unfortunately share. I am thinking of getting my 11-year old a smart phone. Luckily, it can be had nowadays for cheap prices by using wireless promotions.

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