Learn to be a Chocolatier!

by Mama Chocolate on July 24, 2012

I don’t know about the rest of you but I LOVE chocolate. My dream job would be to work as a chocolatier. Yes, there is a job that revolves around chocolate! You might not get to sit around and eat chocolate all day but it’s a fascinating career. At the most basic level, a chocolatier is an individual who uses chocolate to create desserts of various types. Unlike a chocolate maker, who composes chocolate from raw ingredients, a chocolatier uses a finished chocolate product in his or
her confections.

As I was looking more into what it takes to have a career in this field I found a great game on Iplay that is a lot of fun and gives you further understanding into the life of a chocolatier. Chocolatier allows you to create your own empire and scout out ingredients all over the world to construct the best desserts. I must warn you that it is very addicting and that all the virtual chocolate may have you craving real chocolate, I would definitely keep some on hand when playing!

 A chocolatier is someone who needs to understand chocolate and how it interacts with other foods. He or she must be familiar with all three main types of chocolate, including white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and it is important to understand how these three chocolates differ. They must understand how these chocolates react to heat, how they can be molded and even melted. In terms of training, many chocolatiers have attended culinary school, and most have backgrounds in pastry.

If you love the idea of exploring the world of chocolate, but you don’t have the inclination to to go to culinary school, I definitely suggest checking out the game Chocolatier. You’ll get to create some deliciously fantastic desserts while searching the world for rare ingredients. This game introduces you to the fanciful side of this engaging occupation. And as an added bonus, Iplay currently has a promo code: NEWIPLAY that will get you 40% off games!

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