Little Changes To Liven Up Your Home

by Mama Chocolate on October 16, 2012

*Guest post by Becky W. 

Since your home is probably your largest investment, it makes sense to maximize your property’s economic potential with improvements and upgrades that add to your financial bottom line. Making small changes to your home not only adds to its value, but also makes it more comfortable, convenient and attractive.

Update Your Color Scheme

Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to give your home a new look. If your rooms are bland, new wall colors will make your furnishings pop. You don’t need to choose bold or bright colors, but a change from beige or off-white to a soft blue or sage green can really perk up a room. Choose colors that harmonize with your furniture to repaint the room, or pick an accent shade from your decorating to give a single wall a punch of color that acts as a focal point.

If this seems like a big job, start small with a powder room or guest room to get your feet wet. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a little color makes and you’ll be eager to tackle the family room next.

Organize Your Home With Additional Storage

We never seem to have enough storage space. If you’re not blessed with walk-in closets and pantries, there’s a good chance that you have boxes or bags of items that just end up crammed in the top of a closet or stacked in the basement or garage. Take an objective look around your home to determine areas that could be modified to accommodate more storage.

Many newer kitchens are built with a small desk area adjacent to the work area. If that communications center has been relegated to a catch-area of papers, books and extra plastic storage containers, consider replacing it with a pantry. Pre-made pantries that will blend with your cabinets are available in a number of configurations. These install easily and provide a lot of storage for kitchen appliances and groceries.

If your garage is wide or deep enough, consider lining one wall with shelving and cabinets. Floor to rafter storage can accommodate an amazing amount of the family’s accumulation.

When garage space is limited or non-existent, an outdoor storage shed can be a real bonus. Many storage sheds are available as do-it-yourself kits or prefabricated to set up quickly in just a few hours. Sizes from petite to extra large ensure that there’s one to fit your property and your budget.

Update Your Utility Systems

Small luxuries, such as an instant hot water dispenser for the kitchen or the best water softener for your home, will not only be conveniences that the family will appreciate, but saves time and energy.

Replace your old thermostat with a computerized system that allows you to program heating and cooling. This can make a considerable difference in your utility bills over the course of a year.

Substitute a rheostat in place of standard light switches. The subdued lighting adds a romantic glow to the dining room or provides a night-light effect in a child’s bedroom.

Little changes can make a big impact on your home. Your family will appreciate the updates and you’ll be proud of your achievement.

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