Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System Review & Giveaway

by Mama Chocolate on April 3, 2012

review by Janelle P.
also blogging now at Mother Necessity 

When I was told Mabu Baby was going to be sending me some diapers to review and some “extras” I had no idea how many extras they would include! It was like Christmas all over again!

I’ll start by reviewing their new Mabu Baby diaper system:

The Mabu Baby diapers are a hybrid where you can use either reusable cloth pads or disposable ones. You snap the pad holder into the diaper shell then place in whichever kind of pad you want. You can also top that off with a disposable liner if you like. Their starter packs include 2 diaper shells, 2 washable pads, 2 disposable pads, and 5 disposable liners.

They’re sized like disposables with NB, 1, 2, and 3-4 size available and the tags on them are color coded so it’s easy to tell which size you’ve got in your hot little hand. The starter packs retail for $29.94 at some Walmarts currently (you can check on their website whether your local Walmart carries them), and they have recently expanded to as of January!

That’s a pretty excellent price for 2 hybrid diapers that include everything you need to use them! You can also buy extra washable pads, disposable pads, and liners separately and the prices continue to be pretty great at: Washable Pad – $ 9.94 (pack of 2 or 4 depending on size you need), Disposable – $ 10.94 (per package, amount varies based on size you need), Liners – $ 1.94 (box of 48) (prices listed are current Walmart prices).

I found the diaper easy to use despite the fact that I haven’t used a hybrid before. They have very clear and easy instructions on the packaging and on their website including videos if you need some extra visuals. The outside fabric of the diaper is a bit different than what I’m used to in that it’s not PUL. It’s a polyester material made from recycled bottles (how eco-friendly is that!) with a polyurethane inside coating to make it waterproof. I really like that the diaper shell is lined with a soft fabric they’ve developed called Eco Wix made with white bamboo charcoal and recycled polyester.

The washable pads are made with terry on one side (inside) and Eco Wix on the other (outside). They are made so you fold them in half hot dog style then place them in the pad holder. The pads dry extremely quickly and would be a great option for someone without laundry facilities or who prefers to line dry their diapers. I really like that you don’t have to remove any inserts like with many pocket diapers. You just close the laundry tabs and throw it in the diaper pail.

I typically prefer snap diapers as I feel like they last longer, and I’m bad at remembering to use the laundry tabs (could be why snaps last longer for me ha!), but I do like the velcro tabs on this diaper. They seem to work really well and stay put on the laundry tabs. That being said, you need to be very careful when pressing the velcro onto the laundry tab. The laundry tab is rounded while the velcro tab is squared so if you are sloppy you end up with the ever fun diaper chain coming out of your washing machine.

These diapers seem to contain leaks very well. I did have an issue with leaking at night once, but I think that may have been my fault as I forgot to check that the diaper was snug between the legs.

The other times I used them at night with no problem (with an extra insert or 2).
I was impressed with how much liquid their inserts hold. I usually prefer hemp inserts, but these held up well vs hemp (and they dry a lot faster).

The disposable pads worked pretty well for during the day, but I don’t think they’d be enough for an entire night.
I do have a heavy wetter though- most of the time he leaks from disposables overnight.


The fit of the diapers is okay. There aren’t leg gaps, and they aren’t too tight anywhere. You may notice from the photos they are a bit bulkier in the back than some diapers, but part of this may be that Angelo is on the smaller end of the size 3-4 diaper. The size 2 diaper isn’t as bulky in the back.

The one thing I do wish they included is a crossover tab ability. The size 3-4 diaper is almost too big for my sons waist although he is in the weight range.

I really, really like their disposable liners. They are softer and thicker than all the other brands I’ve tried, and they are the perfect size for my 15 month old. They are long and skinny and fully cover the washable pad which is great if you are needing to use a diaper cream and don’t want to get it on your diaper.

I have washed them with my diapers when they’ve been just wet, and they’ve come out ready to be used again with no rips or tears. I don’t think I would flush these too often though, since they don’t really seem to break down very quickly in water and might clog the toilet. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying more of these in the near future since they’ve become by far, my favorite disposable liner.

Also included in my package of fun were 2 Odor Gator patches. I had no idea what these were other than the clue the name of them gave me so I looked them up online. Here’s what I found:

“Odor Gator™ technology captures gas molecules and converts them into harmless salt and water. … Independent lab tests show that ammonia and trimethylamine gases are completely eliminated after 180 minutes.” (from their website)

So I found the stinkiest place in my house to try them out- the diaper pail of course! One of the patches had a handy clip on it so I clipped it on the rim of the diaper pail lid so it wouldn’t get all yucky under the diapers. Guess what- It works! This is the first time in awhile I can walk into the room with the diaper pail lid open and not smell it. I read somewhere that if it does get dirty or go through the wash you can “revive” it by placing it in direct sunlight. I had to try this the other day as a wet diaper got on the pad. I rinsed it with water and placed it on a window sill for a day or so, and it’s working just fine again. They also recommend using them for stinky gym bags or any area that is smelly and confined. I like that these aren’t scented and don’t just cover up odors… they totally remove the odor.

Another thing I loved in this package were the Duzi washcloths. They are made of a wood fiber, but are pretty soft once you get them wet. They work really well to scrub things without scratching them. I’ve even used them to scour pots and pans and a coffee stained glass carafe. Bacteria just washes off when you rinse them with warm water so you can reuse them upteen times without any smell! It’s amazing! I had no idea something like this existed. Also the washcloths are pretty thick material (think cotton prefold thickness), and they have held up well to my constant use for the past 3 weeks.

You can wash them in the washing machine, but they caution that may decrease their lifespan. I have been washing them in my soapy dishwater and rinsing them thoroughly with warm water. They’ve been getting clean and even the coffee and red sauce stains rinsed out fairly easily. I think the only drawback they have is that they take awhile to dry. This is probably due to their thickness, but they don’t smell even if you use them again before they dry so it hasn’t been a problem.

All in all, I found the Mabu diapers, Odor Gator patches, and Duzi washcloths worked well, and I will probably be purchasing more of these items in the future!

Mabu Baby is generously giving one lucky Mama Chocolate reader their very own Starter Kit in your choice of size!

The Starter Kit includes:

2 diaper outers

2 washable insert pads

2 disposable pads

5 bio liners

$29.95-$33.95 value!
(depending on which size you choose)

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this looks awesome! hope i win! thanks for a great giveaway!
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