Make a Weeknight Special with Bertolli Meal Soup

by Mama Chocolate on February 11, 2012


Bertolli sent us on a mission with their new, premium, restaurant quality frozen soups…to make a weeknight dinner special!

I was provided with the delicious, easy-to-prepare soup, and asked to make an extra-special night for my family, spending less than an hour on my preparations.

My elaborate plans for a candle-lit dinner with all of us at a beautiful decorated table crumbled when I got a nasty bug that day…suddenly my elaborate plans were much too elaborate and I didn’t even feel like sitting at the table.

I still wanted to make it fun, so we went with a cozy-up theme!


We gathered the “blanklies” and pillows and Katie helped me mix up some cute heart-shaped biscuits, (which delighted her to no end!)

We carefully laid the pretty biscuits on top of our Roasted Chicken and Rotini Pasta soup, made a spinach salad to go along, and then we all cuddled up with a movie.


The Roasted Chicken and Rotini Pasta soup was delicious! I’m usually not a big fan of pre-packaged, convenience foods like this, but, like they claim, their soups are fresh-tasting and restaurant quality!

We gobbled up two packages worth in one meal, and loved every drop!

These soups make a great option for your busy weeknights, especially when you all just need something hearty, warm and satisfying, but mama needs a break from the kitchen.

(This may be news to the rest of ya’ll, but moms don’t get sick days. It stinks.)

There are four scrumptious flavors to choose from, and I had a hard time picking just one for our meal!

Mama and Papa got big biscuits on our soup…which I had to replenish a few times. ;-)

 Do you need to take a sick day, Mama?

I got to wear my pajamas all day and did pretty much zero work at dinner time. That’s probably about the closest I’m getting to a “sick day” for a few more years yet!

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*I was compensated by Bertolli to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge.
All opinions expressed are my own.

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