Operation “Mama Chocolate Moves to the City” has officially begun!

by Mama Chocolate on September 19, 2013


It’s finally happening, folks! Our old house has officially sold, and we have officially purchased our new (completely awesome) house.

In the city.



I’m a country girl. Always have been, always will be, to. the. core. I’m excited about this new chapter of our lives. But I’m also a little nervous. The only time I ever remember living in town was during the first 8 months of our marriage. Now that we have kids, there are a host of new mommy fears that I get to deal with.

I’m worried that my 4 year old little adventurer who thought it was a great idea to sneak out during quiet time to walk by herself down the long, long driveway to Grandma’s house a few months ago, is going to figure out a way to escape the doors of our right-on-the-street home without me noticing.

I’m worried that my little streakers that may be the founders of their own nudist colony one day are going to be spotted by our right-next-door neighbors. (Seriously. I DO put clothes on them.)

I’m worried about our right-next-door neighbors. Who are they?! They could be ax-murdering drug dealers for all we know! And won’t it be weird to able to look right into their backyard from ours? (And weirder that they’ll be looking into ours?)
Will they call Child Protective Services on me the next time Victoria decides that she DOES. NOT. NEED. A. NAP. (ever again) ?

I’m worried that I’m going to get homesick. I’ve become very attached to this house, and all our family memories are here. I’ve given birth to all three of our sweet girls right here in this house.
I know I’m going to miss my glorious, huge bathtub. I hate leaving  our big, beautiful deck that my hard-working husband literally just finished.

I’m worried about having stairs in my house now. I’m a complete klutz, especially while pregnant*. What if I trip and fall, or worse, trip and fall while holding a baby? I haven’t lived in a home with stairs since I was six-years-old.

I’m worried that in a couple months we’re going to say, “What the heck were we thinking?! This was a terrible idea! Why did we leave our beautiful view and comfortable, perfectly good, private, home out in paradise for THIS?!”

This is definitely one of the biggest leaps of faith I’ve had to make in my life. Maybe even *the* biggest. It’s easy to focus on all these worries and forget that, like every single other event in our lives, God’s got this. 

We haven’t even actually moved yet, and already I can see that God is using the whole situation to draw me closer to Him, and to teach me to actually, practically trust Him. I thought I did before, but…yeah. Apparently not as much as I thought.

I am learning more and more to rely on the one and only no-fail formula I know.

Oh. And it’s not all doom and gloom. I really am super excited about this move. I’ll tell you more about that part when if I ever I get a chance to sit down again in between packing. ;-)

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with this crazy ride of ours, I’ll be spammin’ the ‘gram.

*not an announcement

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Tracy Ames-Dennison September 19, 2013 at 5:47 pm

I wouldn’t worry about the streaking. Most normal people realize kids do it, and laugh. Get to know your neighbors, you may like them! I grew up “out there”, and was worried about the city too. It isn’t too bad. And get locks to put up high, or baby gates your kiddos can’t open for the doors, they save sleepless night and terror-filled moments when your kids aren’t right there.


Nicole @ Some Call It Natural November 5, 2013 at 3:23 pm

Okay… It’s been a month and a half… How are you???? Where’s our update post! ;) Surely you don’t have anything else to do with your time than update all of us!
Nicole @ Some Call It Natural recently posted..I am a Health Conscious Christian and My Kids Trick or TreatMy Profile


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