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by Mama Chocolate on February 17, 2012

I know I’m not the only one…I spend a lot of time on the internet and use it for so many areas of my life. It is difficult to keep track of everything we see and want to save and to have it organized in a way that is remotely useful.

I have spent ages searching through my favorites folders trying to remember where I filed that awesome basil chicken recipe that I want to make.

Changing the way we organize ourselves online, clipix is an incredibly useful tool for keeping just a bit more of our sanity. (Mine is slipping lately…)

Clipix is simply designed and easy to use. To start clipping, drag a bookmark called the “Clip” button to your bookmarks bar. You can now easily click it whenever you find something online that you want to keep permanently, (recipes) or save for reading later, (news articles, etc.)

The uses for this (free!) service are endless! I see a huge benefit for me in regards to keeping track of the giveaways I want to enter. I know I have a lot of giveaway addicts reading, (you know who you are!) So many times, I have seen an awesome giveaway that I wanted to enter, but didn’t have time at the moment to actually complete the entries. 


I’ve tried different bookmarking methods, but I think clipix will be much more effective for me! It is easy for me to save them quickly, jotting down the essential info, (prize/end date) and it includes a photo for me to easily glance over and remember which ones I wanted most to enter when I have a few minutes to get back to them!

You can make different clipboards for literally anything! Products you are thinking about purchasing, recipes to try, gift and vacation ideas, giveaways or blog articles you want to get back to! The possibilities are endless!

I love the feature that allows you to personalize settings for who you share each board with! Obviously, I don’t want my mom seeing a list of birthday gift ideas I’m coming up with for her! Not everyone in the world needs to know the dates and details of the cruise vacation I’m planning!

Syncboards gives you the option of sharing a board with friends. Everyone can add things to the board and it’s updated in real time!

Clipix even has an iPhone app so you can even keep organized on-the-go. 

Sign up for clipix today and see how it can help you get your online life organized and then tell me what you’ll be clipping!


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