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by Mama Chocolate on April 6, 2011

For “E” during the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I had to include one of my top two favoritest-bloggy-people-ever.
Stop by her blog, and you will not be disappointed! She’s fun, awesome and eerily smart. 
Of course, it runs in the family.
She’s my little sister (who ain’t so little anymore!) and one of my bestest friends.
And, now, in 
Miss Pickwickian‘s words…

I am a Christian.
And I strive to be a Christian first and foremost and in everything.

I believe art is part of life. We never get away from what we see and hear and feel, and we should be striving to glorify God by being creators in His image.

May Christians dominate the arts! (Besides dominating the world…obviously.)

I am very much a work in progress which means this blog is too! It is musings that will hopefully improve with time, however, they will never be perfect. I enjoy discussion and hearing other people’s wisdom. I am learning, learning, learning…

I am a homeschool graduate and the fifth of six children.

The majority of my older siblings have started households of their own and added new sisters and a brother to our family and several little ones. I greatly enjoy aunt-hood.

I have an amazing and supportive family.

My Daddy has given me his imagination and love of story. He is also very dedicated to helping me with our critters and doing whatever it takes to get them to fairs and back. Sometimes this takes great creativity…

My Mama has been a great encourager in all things artistic and worked very hard and lovingly to educate me. She is an adorable grandma.

My youngest sister is awesome and still in school so there is no danger of her leaving me just yet. She is my telepathic conversationalist and amazing friend. She helps keep me balanced, is a gifted artist and photographer, and greatly contributes to my life and consequently this blog.

I have three wonderful brothers (and now a wonderful brother-in-law) which contribute greatly to my life with their senses of humor, wisdom, and examples. ;-)

My older sister is a constant reminder of cheerful Christian womanhood and my two sister-in-laws are good friends and role models!

Yeah…I have an imperfect, but awesome family.

I attend a CREC Church, which is out of this world and full of amazing people.

I have many wonderful and supportive friends. The best of them tell me what they truly think and keep me walking in the right direction.

Love ya, sis.

Now, head to her blog, and check out the amazing things going on there!
Right now she’s even got a fun essay contest, (with prizes!)

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baygirl32 April 6, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Just stopping in on the A to Z challenge to say hello. you have a great blog


Angela Felsted April 7, 2011 at 7:30 am

You sound lucky. Like you have a wonderful family. And how nice of you to highlight your sister.


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