The Reasons You Should Use Rubber Cords to Create Jewelry

by Mama Chocolate on May 23, 2012

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a rubber cord to create some incredible pieces of jewelry. Aside from the fact that rubber jewelry is quickly increasing in popularity, rubber is also an extremely versatile material.

You can get it in many different lengths to create jewelry that varies in size. Most jewelry designers that are searching for a way to create inexpensive pieces of jewelry that will last for an elongated time frame will opt to use rubber cords as their first material of choice.

You can choose to let the cord show in some of your simple designs, or apply a series of beads to the cord to hide its appearance underneath your design. These cords are available in many different colors, so locating a cord that is going to adhere to the colors in your design should not be that difficult to do.

When using a rubber cord in your jewelry designs it is important that you understand that the widths of the cord can vary. Make sure that you obtain the right width and sized cord to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Check out our inventory of rubber cords for your next jewelry creations.


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