Thirsties Duo Diaper Review

by Mama Chocolate on June 19, 2012

I started my cloth diapering journey three years ago with some basic prefolds and Thirsties covers at the recommendation of a few friends.

Those friends knew what they were talking about, because now – 3 years and dozens of diaper brands later – Thirsties are still my favorites, and I’ve come to love more than just their covers, (although those same covers and prefolds still make up the bulk of my stash!)


Thirsties sent me their Duo Diaper to review with my 18 month old Victoria.

I like the way Thirsties makes two different sizes for their diapers. One-size diapers are awesome, but tend to not fit as perfectly, especially when you try to use them on newborns.

Thirsties sells many of their diaper products in a Size 1 (6-18lbs) and a Size 2 (18-40lbs).  There is still plenty of room for adjustment with the waist snaps and the rise snaps, but I find that the legs fit better with this two-size system.

The gussets around the leg openings do an excellent job of keeping everything in and preventing leaks or wicking. The soft elastic binding is gentle on baby’s legs, but snug enough to do the job!

The Duo Diaper is available with aplix or snap closures according to your preference. I personally prefer snaps as baby gets older, more mobile, and more devious…we’ve had a few diaper removals in cribs at nap times with aplix closures that weren’t so much fun to clean up. ;-)

Aplix is more of an advantage for younger babies, or for when less-experienced caretakers will be cloth-diapering your little one for you. Snaps can be more difficult to get the perfect fit if someone is not as familiar with your baby’s size and routine.

The Duo Diaper is a pocket diaper – you stuff the insert into the sleeve and have a nice, trim and tidy diaper to put on your baby. Pockets are my favorites – less cumbersome than covers/prefolds (and easier to hand to an aunt or grandma to put on baby without confusion!) but they wash and dry better and quicker than All-in-Ones.

Pockets are also easier to add extra absorbancy to for naps and bedtime for heavy soakers. I can stuff several inserts into this diaper and it can handle it without any difficulty!

Features of the Duo Diaper:

  • A two-piece diapering system combining an absorbent insert and waterproof sleeve diaper
  • Seven thirsty absorbent layers
  • Microfleece liner provides wetness protection and stain resistance
  • Grows with your baby so you only need two sizes from birth to potty!
  • Easy stuffing and one-step cleaning
  • Pliable, breathable ultra-comfortable waterproof exterior

You can purchase the Duo Diaper in this adorable Hoot print for $19.50, or choose from 4 other fun prints, or 9 beautiful solid color choices (at $18.50/diaper.)

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Congratulations to Hayley M, who won a Thirsties Duo Diaper in the Fluffy Butts Cloth Diaper giveaway here at Mama Chocolate!

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