Too much stuff?

by Mama Chocolate on March 2, 2012

When we were first married, we lived in a little duplex in town for 8 months. During that time we were working on developing land to place a nice triple-wide manufactured home out in the country.

I remember at the time thinking how amazing it was going to be to have all. that. room.

We’d finally have a place to spread out our stuff comfortably! Hooray!

Or not.

Why is it that the more room you have the more stuff you have? Is this one of Murphy’s laws?!

In less than a year, I started feeling cramped again. Which is ridiculous, considering the number of people in this house per square foot. We have been blessed with plenty of room.

Every time I am at someone else’s house where they have plenty of people and significantly less space and  it is less crowded and cluttered, I think “What is wrong with me?! Why do we have so much junk?!”

I am inspired to rush home and reduce our stuff, clean out the clutter, throw it away, give it away. (It would help if I actually acted on this inspiration more often.)

Sometimes I really wish God had given me OCD or something. *sigh*

The past few weeks, I have been getting some of our clutter out. Thanks to the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, I have already sent 6 big trash bags full of things to Goodwill and 5 bags of pure trash.

The biggest issue with our house is storage. We have closets, (none of them are particularly special or huge) and that’s it. We have no garage and started with no out-buildings. We have a little well shed now that we can use to store a few things, (gardening tools, etc,) but there are still some of those awkward, larger items that you don’t need handy all year.

It would be nice to get a unit at a place like Uncle Bob’s Self Storage to keep some of our stuff, especially seasonal items: our window air conditioning units, kids’ clothes for out-of-rotation sizes, etc.

John built a big, sturdy shelf that is at one end of our dining room, covered with a long curtain, to store these things for now. As our family grows and we start homeschooling, I think we may want more of our dining room back…

Uncle Bob’s storage space can be found in 25 states with over 400 locations. If they aren’t in your state, they will suggest affiliated companies for you to check out!

If you’re drowning under too much stuff, get it out. Give it away, sell it, throw it away, and then the things you actually need to keep, but don’t need in your house all the time, get them out, and find a storage space for them!


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